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Hi! I'm a cruncher of the HFR...


24 March 2022 Last M-Queens Workunits
The last 30% of our M-Queens workunits were added to the queue. After them the M-Queens project has finished it's first goal.

23 October 2021 Project progress
An update for the progress on each sub project in yoyo@home:

is 89% completed (https://stats.distributed.net/projects.php?project_id=28). It will finish around beginning of 2023 (https://stats.distributed.net/project/ogr_status.php?project_id=28).

Siever & ECM
I see currently no end in further demands for sieving and trial factorizations. There are many many math projects which have needs for sieving and factorizations.

We are currently in the 2. of 3 parts and have there 70% done. So in total we are at 56%. We started 2 years ago. So it might take another 2 years to finish it.


18 December 2020 Resource share of 0
It is now possible to set a resource share of 0 in yoyo@home. This was requested by some user.

16 December 2020 GPU version for M Queens
We have now a first GPU version for the M Queens project for Windows. It requires an OpenCL 2.0 GPU. The version can be downloaded from github.com. The zip contains an installation instruction, the app and the app_info.xml.

1 August 2020 Enhancing ECM range
I'm enhancing the ecm search range for B1=43e6 up to 2000 digits. Some test workunits are already send out with the name ecm_es_*test* and a short deadline of 1 day. Together with this the credit formula was changed.


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